Name: Aisha Coorahna

Positions: Paramedic, First Aid, Nutrition Expert, and Mechanic.
Duties: Attend to any medical emergencies, assist others with disabilities and illnesses, provide nutrition advice, administer medicine, assist other team members as needed, sedate threats, and perform autotomotive mechanical repairs.
Work Skills: Medical, medicine, nutritional & natural remedy knowledge, medical diagnosing, medical surgery, and auto mechanics.
Preferred Equipment: 'M.E.D.I.C.' pack, first aid pack, various medicines and natural remedies, syringes and needles, scalples, and medical & mechanic's multi-tools.

About: This pudgy little lady with native Australian descent is the team's expert medical doctor with plenty of surprises up her sleeve. She uses her skills to do almost anything to keep people alive, including getting help from Terri and her improvising skills. Some of the exceptions involves her knowledge of vitamins and natural remedies, preferring to use medicine with minimum negative side affects and maximum positive effects. Also, she is a bit of a gramophone, preferring her equipment to be properly sanitized. This equipment of hers is often very deceitful, being much more effective than they let on to be. Even in combat, she is deceitfully skilled, using her knowledge of the body to take down foes. Furthermore, she is also a surprisingly skilled automotive mechanic, as she finds much of it can be, figuratively, translated to that of the living body.