Name: Dag Day Goodwin

Positions: Electronics expert, security system technician, and runner/'go-fer'.
Duties: Deal with electronic equipment, set up and maintain security systems, perform high speed tasks.
Work Skills: Knowledge, use, repair and modifying electronic hardware, use of computers, non-lethal/less-than-lethal combat and devices, and high-speed tasks.
Preferred Equipment: 'Mobile Monitor' tablet computer, 'Orb Cam' wireless cameras, various electronics of his own design, camera unipod, variety of lights, flaregun, and an electronics grade multi-tool.

About: Although he is the newest member and didn't know the rest of the team prior to the 'Godspeed' business, he has fit in perfectly, with his eagerness to help others. The team hired him to deal with the increasing frequency of electronics, of which he has an extensive skill for and knowledge of the hardware. Though he loves to help otherts, his fear of hurting others can actually interfere with helping. He will avoid fighting other people, even if they are causing harm. Because of this, he uses a variety of non-lethal and less-than-lethal devices and techniques to deal with such situations. None the less, he still agreed to participate in self defense training, where he has proven to excel in fast, close quarters defense.