Name: Zach Wamblee

Positions: Gunsmith, safety guide, mariner, and diver.
Duties: Maintain firearms, use of firearms as needed, ensure and provide safety protocols, and waterborne duties, including piloting watercraft.
Work Skills: The use of firearms & camouflage, identifying safety issues, opperating watercraft, swimming and diving.
Preferred Equipment: Compact 'scuba' gear, camouflage, hunter's revolver, semi-auto handgun, compact assault rifle, hatchet, balistic knife, bayonet, and gunsmith's multi-tool.

About: A calm, relaxed, 'laid back' native Canadian with an extended knowledge of firearms. In spite of his liking for firearms, he is very safety conscious and can be sent out of his calm demeanor when presented with a safety issue. He can identify hazards much better than other people. Part of his safety skills includes his liking for swimming and diving. Has also acquired a skilled with using camouflage, of which he developed from his hunting community as a kid, though he isn't into hunting for killing. Instead, his gun skills developed from participating in shooting competitions. He can be very quick with a gun, but prefers to focus on a target, instead of spraying bullets. That wouldn't be very safe! In fact, he has developed his own rubber bullet gun and an 'air bag' launcher for it.