Vehicle Advertising Options
All displayed on a very noticeable and full-size/half-ton van.

Magnet Letters & Numbers

(No graphics)
Display with a simple set of letters and numbers.
Quick to design, low cost and great for short term.
Per side: $10/week, $30/month.

Small Ads
50cm X 14cm printed ad inside a clear plastic cover.
An affordable option for people wanting graphics.
Per side: $25/week, $75/month.

Your Ads
Provide your own magnets, banners, window
display, or other temporary printing.
Price based on size, amount and length of time.
Prices start at $50/month.

Long Term
Provide your own adhesive decals.
(Please note that I need to leave enough room
for other people's advertisements.)
Prices are lease only
and start at $300/year.

Options available for non-profit/charities.