Mobile to get you mobile!
Serving Moose Jaw.

Limited time offer

As part of Clean It Up Month, the landfill has
waved the entry fee for light vehicles.
Therefore, I am waving my dump run
upcharge. Just $15 untill May 14.
(Per dump run.)

New Payment Options
Swipe, chip and tap.

Now accepting debit tap (interac Flash)!

  • Mobile Garage.

  • Roadside assistance.

  • Battery boost/charge*

  • Wheel changing.

  • Temporary tire plugging.

  • Tire pumping.

  • Basic Code scanning.

  • Moving and delivery.

  • 6x12 open trailer.

  • Towing of your trailers.

  • Pull-out rescue towing.

  • Fuel delivery for empty tanks.

  • After-hours emergency assist.

  • Disabled vehicle repairs.

  • Fully mobile help!

  • Mobile bicycle assistance, too!

...Plus more currently, and to be added in the future!

Check out the visual guide!

Have a plan,
but need a van?
Call this man!

Automotive Service Technician certificate from Saskplolytech (SIAST) Moose Jaw(Palliser).
Previously SIAST

Main hours of operation:
Monday to Friday, 8:00am to 6:00pm.
For after hours emergency assistance, inquire about availability.
If I am unavailble, check for me at Superstore.


Serving within Moose Jaw mainly.
Additional charges apply for out of town service.

Cash, credit, debit & eTransfer.
Debit via tap only.

The summer rates are as follows:
Assistance: $30 per assist, during hours,
Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm.
Outside of hours: $40 per assist.
Minor Repairs: $30 per hour.
Medium Repairs: $50 per hour.
Plus any parts and supplies.
Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

Further Pricing Details

In order to keep the rates low, there are no guarantees or insurance.
All work is done at the customer's risk.
Nonetheless, I will give it my best. Hence, why I achieved the appropriate schooling.

For towing and in-shop repairs, call Buddy's at: 631-6443
For a variety of towing needs and more, call Axer's at: 313-4869 or 313-8697
For heavy truck, trailer and propane vehicles, call Norcan at: 693-2499
(Norcan offerers a roadside emergency service for heavy trucks.)

*Due to the electronics in vehicles, the old fashioned method of 'boosting' may be harmful.
The effect of having two batteries and charging systems connected can cause a surge
when one starts up, potently causing harm over time. Due to this, I don't want to boost
vehicles under warranty. In place, I would charge up the battery, then turn off the charging
vehicle before attempting to start the dead vehicle, eliminating the risk of a surge.
It is to also take note that I have a small battery pack with booster.

In spite of the abbreviation, not associated with CAA and AAA.