Defining 'Breakdown Repair'

Breakdown: When you are driving on the road or attempt to drive the vehicle from a parking lot, but it becomes difficult for it to move or becomes entirely stationary, leaving you stranded.

Repair: Upon inspecting, the problem is discovered to need only a minor repair, then I may perform it.

However, if it is discovered to require major repair, that is, involves a garage or shop, vehicle hoist, specialized equipment or tools, specialized technician, major part replacement, and/or extensive disassembly in order to perform the repair, then it is not within my services.

I am providing this service for minor repairs that can be done quickly, allowing you to be on your way. This saves you time and money, for when a tow truck and shop would be excessive for performing such a minor repair.

I will not come to your residence and make major repairs from within your garage or property. This is not only a choice, but a requirement;
City bylaw does not permit me to perform
major vehicle repair business from on my property, residential property, and on city streets. Furthermore, businesses and apartments don't allow medium/major repair to vehicles in their parking lots.