Drink Drive Delivery

Delivering fresh food and drink from Tim's, McD's
and more to you place of employment!

Want cheaper delivery?
Then get your business
to partner with
Alex Auto Assist
then it will be only $ 5 !

Min. auto service use of once per month.

Hours of operation:
Mon. - Fri.
Delivered from 8am to 12pm.
Breakfast, brunch, and lunch!

For early morning deliveries, please
place order day before or earlier.

About this service:

Do you and your colleagues enjoy the various drinks from Tim Horton's, McDonald's, etc. in Moose Jaw, but none of you can find the time to stop there, it's too busy there at that time, maybe just tired of it being cooled or melted by the time it gets there, or it's just simply out of the way to work? No need to worry anymore! Just send me the order (day before with early morning orders), I will pick up, then and deliver to your place of employment for a small fee! Discounts for group orders, so collect all of the colleagues orders into one!

Mobile 'Coffee Shop' also available for hire!
Inquire for details.

There is a strict no alcohol policy!
Besides, there are already people delivering such drinks.

How it works:
  • Gather the orders and phone or message me with them.
    Include the sizes, drink type/style, etc., place to pick up and where to drop off.
    Please ensure it's precise and clear for accuracy.

  • For early morning delivery, please place an order the day before or earlier.
    This will make it faster and reduce the chance of hold-ups caused by busy calls.
    I am willing to also do afternoon runs.

  • I will pick up the drinks and deliver them. Hot or cold drinks fresh, without the rush!

  • Upon delivery, the cost of the drinks and a fee for delivery will be due.
    Currently only cash and credit. No debit yet.

  • I use insulated totes to help keep them at the proper temperature.
    Separate totes used for hot and cold drinks and foods.

  • Due to a limited number of totes, drinks will need to be removed upon delivery.

(However, I'm thinking of doing a 'drop n go' tote service. How that would work is a small returnable deposit is placed for the tote, then the full and empty totes are exchanged upon delivery. This would be useful for anyone that would not get to their drinks immediately, since the totes would be insulated. I will need a regularly occurring high number of orders before I would invest in this.)

Delivery Fees:
Collect other colleague's orders into one order to save on delivery!
Please ensure the order is accurate and clear to avoid errors.

$15 per delivery.
$5 with partnership:
Reduce the price by having your business/place of employment partner with
Alexander's Automotive Assististance!
Supplies pick-up, customer delivery, company vehicle assistance, fleet maintnence,
in-field service, equipment moving, mobile coffee shop, trailer towing, advertising and more!

(Must use a minimum of one service at least once a month to maintain price reduction.)

Mobile 'Coffee Shop' Rates:

$30 per hour (Min. 1 hour, max. 8 per day.)
Plus cost of food and drink, paid individually by customers.

Though I carry my own selection, you may choose for me to provide
specific brands, but this may affect the pricing.

If you want to pay for your group's food and drinks, then send me a message
with the number of people you want me to serve and I will send you a quote.

Note: I am restricted to drinks that just need hot or cold water added(coffee,
tea, juice, etc.) and prepackaged food. This is not a commercial kitchen.

or 313-6814

I also accept shared/collaborated lists from Google Keep!

List each item with cup size, the item name, and anything to add(black, cream, vanilla, butter, etc.):
1. Large coffee, double double
2. Medium steeped tea, one sugar.
3. One plain bagel, plain cream cheese.

Don't forget the business address!

'Drink Drive Deliveries' is not affiliated with Tim Horton's,
McDonald's or any other company.