This is my past attempt at a comic strip.
SUPERULTRAMEGA has taken a different direction and now includes Team Effort!

The name lives on, though.



This my own (prevoius) attempt at a funny comic. It is about two individuals and thier lives, often involving thier job at a large - and generally crazy - retail/grocery/department/whatever-they-feel-like-selling store. So much for a boring retail job!

Get to know the characters!(or not.)
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It's Wade
Wayne Walters!

It's Sherry
Shirley Sheila!

It's Tim
Timothy Hay!

It's Alex
Andrea Alexandra!

It's Dill
Dillon Dillis!

It's Liz
Beth Elizabeth!

This once was a comic.
Click on the small images to view the larger image.

S.U.M. 1-2-17

S.U.M. 1-2-16

S.U.M. 1-2-15

S.U.M. 1-2-14

S.U.M. 1-2-13

S.U.M. 1-2-12

S.U.M. 1-2-11

S.U.M. 1-2-10

S.U.M. 1-2-9

S.U.M. 1-2-8

S.U.M. 1-2-7

S.U.M. 1-2-1

S.U.M. 1-2-2

S.U.M. 1-2-3

S.U.M. 1-2-4

S.U.M. 1-2-5

S.U.M. 1-2-6

S.U.M. 1-1-37

One Year
S.U.M. 1-1-36

...but not
over any hills.
S.U.M. 1-1-35

S.U.M. 1-1-34

S.U.M. 1-1-33

Direct (pipe)
S.U.M. 1-1-32

No flash
S.U.M. 1-1-31

S.U.M. 1-1-30

A briefcase and a
wheeled office chair.
S.U.M. 1-1-29

In a way, it
is scary...
S.U.M. 1-1-28

Hope he doesn't
trip on a lace.
S.U.M. 1-1-27

But what
S.U.M. 1-1-26

Road boat
S.U.M. 1-1-25

Add thyme this time
for one rhyme.
S.U.M. 1-1-24

Based on
a real pizza.
S.U.M. 1-1-23

All itch,
no scratch.
S.U.M. 1-1-22

With so much, could they
do anything with it?
S.U.M. 1-1-21

This bread is spread
and tastes like...
S.U.M. 1-1-20

Now in colour!
S.U.M. 1-1-19

It gives him a
bread ache?
S.U.M. 1-1-18

Does it all, but the
one it should do?
S.U.M. 1-1-17

S.U.M. 1-1-16

When push comes
to shovey-shove?
S.U.M. 1-1-15

So funny
it's not?
S.U.M. 1-1-14

It's not nice to stare,
even if on a stick.
S.U.M. 1-1-13

I wounder if he ever
found his-Oh look,
a couch for sale!
S.U.M. 1-1-12

"Products of SUMMART"
might become a
regular feature.
S.U.M. 1-1-11

S.U.M. 1-1-10

Does one have too much
or the other have too little?
S.U.M. 1-1-9

Retail jobs seem to
always have this type.
S.U.M. 1-1-8

If that is small,
then what is big?
S.U.M. 1-1-7

Ever felt shorter/taller
when talking to someone
thats taller/shorter than you?
S.U.M. 1-1-6

Talk about being
"hit with the smell"
S.U.M. 1-1-3

When changes happen,
they happen overnight.
S.U.M. 1-1-4

Based on true events.
..well, sort of...
S.U.M. 1-1-5

I try to avoid those aisles.


A quick, simple intro to a
new cartoon I will be doing.

S.U.M. Number 1!

The very first SUM comic!
This is how the trainees are at work.
So utterly confused...
S.U.M. 1-1-2

...and when they get particularly
confused, they "lock up".
Thankfully, without any beeping.

More to come!


Since I was a child, I had enjoyed reading funny comics. Understandable, as I liked to draw funny pictures. In those days, however, my comics involved just copying other comics. None the less, I didn't give up. I continued to draw comics and other funny drawings, but they lacked continunity in the sense of format, characters and theme. They mostly resembled random doodles, often filling entire sheets of paper in the style of "Where's Waldo?".
Years later, I got a job at a large retail/grocery store. I thought it would be a plain, generic and somewhat boring job.
I was wrong.
It turned out to be a very eventfull job, with usualy lots happening, frequent changes, and wide variety of people. Among the people included is the employees. They would often joke around and generaly act crazy as a way to counteract the stress - something that comes with the same stuff that also makes it an exciting job - dealing with all the customers, frequent changes and ever happening events.
This all offered a surprising amount of insperation for a comic strip, albet with a healthy dosing of cartoon styling.
So, a bit over a year later, I started Super Ultra Mega. It is about two simple characters and them dealing with thier jobs at an oversized retail store and the occasional look into thier days off. There are tons of characters, products, work events and off-day events for them to deal with that I have in the works. Of course, I even have plenty of vehicles too.