Back when I tried to do this as a graphic story.

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Another past idea I had:
Search • Guard • Recover • Escort • Assist

Are you writing stories, whether it is literature or graphic? Have you ever needed some new
characters, but only for a short part? Why bother spending the time and effort on them, when
you will likely never need them again? Can't avoid them, as they are necessary to helping your
other characters and completing the story? Are you suffering from some writers block and/or
just in the mood to do some collaborative work? Have any other use for temporary characters?

Well, good news for you! The fictional characters of Team Attack are available "for hire"!
That means we will collaborate on a story and you will be granted the temporary use of my
characters for the remainder of that story!

They can handle a wide variety of situations, scenarios, jobs and settings. However, it is up to me
to decide if they will be appropriate to that story. I also hold the right to withdraw my characters
at anytime during development of the story if I find they cannot be used properly. You may do the
same if I prove unable to use yours properly.

I am currently open for small projects that are free and can be done on a time budget(this isn't my living).
Contact me with a brief description of the story and a link to your material that is available online.

Just a past idea, but if you are still interested:

Main Stories
Multi-page books in PDF format.
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1-2: Terri's Team Terror

PDF(Adobe Acrobat) file. Click the image to download.

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1-1: The Path to
a New Beginning

Here it is - I have managed to finaly complete the first episode!
It's a PDF(Adobe Acrobat) file. Click the image to download.

Other Material
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G.A.S. preview

The personal work vehicles the team uses.

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Task Attack

Past attempts at creating quick, monthly stories.

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The Godspeed team.

A sort of "promo" image I made before completing the first episode.